Logo for early development studio for children

Studio grown up from the small speech therapy room. I made logo and corporate identity.
Founders of studio are experienced teachers and psychologists. According to their opinion everyone must improve knowledge all the time.

The logo

Main concept is to show that learning is interesting.

Full cycle

Growing, development

Fun, interest, affordable

Fantasy, freedom, creativity

Corporate colors

I choose not a standard combination of colors.

Folders with educational material.

Every child has his unique plan according to his current abilities and knowledge. All tests and educational material are combined in individual folder. I created cover for folders foe boys and girls in very simple way? So it could be printed on every black and white office printer.

Advertising materials

I made template for advertising material with different combination of corporate colors. As an illustration can be used every photo, even very common, but in combination with logo element it becomes unique.

  • Листовка Грамотейка желтая
  • gramoteyka-flyer-slide-02
  • gramoteyka-flyer-slide-03


Corporate identity was very helpful when I was creating web page.

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